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About HRF 
 Vision, Mission & Values 
Home Renaissance Foundation aims to promote and develop greater recognition of the importance of the work required to create a home which meets the fundamental needs of individual and family and its crucial role in creating a more humane society.

HomeRenaissance Foundation’s purpose is to bring about change in our understanding of the professional dimension of the work of the home for a well-balanced society. Home Renaissance Foundation promotes initiatives that:

• Encourage inter-disciplinary research -theoretical and practical- to produce the relevant knowledge required for this change.

• Promote excellence in training and expertise in all the occupations and tasks within Home Renaissance Foundation’s scope.

• Influence policy and act as a catalyst for change by developing links with relevant organisations and the media.

Home Renaissance Foundation is inspired by the Christian values of justice, freedom, respect for human dignity, striving for excellence and an ideal of service.
Home Renaissance Foundation believes that professional excellence in attending to the fundamental needs of persons and their environment contributes to the well-being of people and society by making it more humane.


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