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Press Releases
Home & Identity Conference
  • Waikato University takes over organisation of HRF Conference
  • Home & Identity: The public-private nexus takes place in Rome
  • Jean-Claude Kaufmann and Giuliana Mandich among keynote speakers

 LONDON, 27 October 2012   Home Renaissance Foundation is gaining renown in its own right throughout all corners of the world. This has been proved especially this year, as New Zealand takes over the organisation of our next conference.

 Home and Identity: The public-private nexus,which will take place between 14-15 November in Rome this year has been a collaborative effort between Waikato University and Roma Tre University, with Fondazione Oikia and Home Renaissance Foundation.

 The Conference aims to explore reasons as to why those who work in the home, often do not position themselves highly when comparing their social identity to other groups or occupations. The home transgresses many aspects of social identity, yet the work of the home does not generally deliver tangible or recognisable goals or outputs that lead to an identity easily recognised or valued by society, especially Western society.

 The home is central to personal identity and all its intrinsic and extrinsic manifestations but this has not been studied. Presentations given by esteemed academics centre around historical and anthropological theories of the home, industry influences, human development and gender identity among others.

 Keynote speakers include:

  • Home of Little Happiness: Jean-Claude Kaufmann, of National Centre of Scientific Research is a French sociologist and author of Le Sac: A little world of love.
  • Home boundaries, everyday cultures and capabilities: Giuliana Mandich, expert on urban sociology, social networks and social capital, Professor of Sociology with the University of Caligari, Faculty of Political Science.
  • Repositioning the boundaries: memory and plans in the homes of young women: Marita Rampazi, referee for TIME magazine on sociology related economic and business issues, Professor of Sociology, University of Pavia.
  • Being a woman in the contemporary confusion: Fiorenza Deriu, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Statistical Sciences, Universita La Sapienza. Author of La cittadinanza difficile: Memorie di vita femminile.

 Home Renaissance Foundation is pleased to invite members of the press to attend the conference in part or in its entirety. Please contact us for further information on the speakers and the scientific committee members.

Press Contact:
Media Contacts: Irene Gargoles or Joanna Roughton
Telephone: + 44 020 7490 3296


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