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"The Work of the Home" by Prof. Sophia Aguirre

A new working paper which you can find here. It aims to analize the work of the home from the perspective of Sociology. As our Director explains the work of the home has been a paradigm worthy of academic analysis since long before the 1960s shift of women to the labour market. In fact, in the late eighteenth century and nineteenth century we find important intellectual antecedents in Home Economics as a field interested in the work of the home as a necessary social good. This precursor to the current paradigm of thought serves to demystify the pre and post-shift dyad, and understand current efforts within the field of sociology to analyse the work of the home as a form of production of social and human capital. This literature review aims to analyse sociological research focused on the work of the home and its value, examining how views on this work have widened in scope, first considering mechanical tasks such as cleaning and cooking to be relevant to the economy, and later, focusing on the work of the home as a more complex phenomenon, composed of relational and distributive activities which evidence its centrality to the humanization of society and the economy. In sum, the work of the home is an evolving paradigm that has proven to be a necessary central index to studies of society, though this fact has historically been ignored by market-oriented analyses that continue to view housework as secondary.

2017 Interdisciplinary Conference

Our forthcoming International Conference which will be held in November 2017 in the United Kingdom and will address the topic of 'The Home- a place of growth, care and wellbeing?'. An interdisciplinary Conference on the Home as a pivot of health and social care policy. How do the home and the work of the home impact on the health and wellbeing of humans as social beings and members of society? We are delighted to announce that Sir Harry Burns, Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University will lead the Scientific Committee. The Conference aims to establish the link between health and the home, understanding the latter as a cause of the former, and thus to shift discussions from remedies to poor wellbeing and consequent social problems. It aims to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration between care and health sciences and other disciplines with the home as a focal point from which to understand the determining factors for the wellbeing of society. Home Renaissance Foundation will welcome papers from experts from a wide range of academic disciplines and professional fields including Medicine, Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroendocrinology, Social Work, Human Geography and Public Health. Submission procedure and general guidelines for papers will be announced in January 2017. In the meantime, if you require further information please email:

HRF Book Publication

This year HRF will publish a book inspired by our recent Experts Meeting disseminating the myths and misconceptions and the true meaning of the home. Looking at the home from a new angle, tackling areas as diverse as Sociology, Economics, Philosophy and Architecture, the book will be edited by Professor Emeritus Antonio ArgandoƱa, and should make a real impact on the worldview of the home. It identifies how the home functions both internally and externally, taking into consideration its important role in society. It analyses also the value of the home to society in terms of the dignity and rights of the people who compose it, as well as the service that the home offers to its members and to the well-being, growth and prosperity of the communities of which it forms a part. Moreover it offers a dynamic definition of the home based on the internal world that builds, for instance, the relationships, organization, lifestyles, culture, values or possessions. Another dimension that the book will focus on is the home as a spatiotemporal place and not just as a closed system but as a complex system because of its extremely varied dimensions and its relationship to other social systems.


Global Home Index Preliminary Results

We would like to thank you for your participation. More than 90 countries have taken part in this far-reaching research. In November we finished collecting all the questionnaires and in 2017 we will broadcast the results around the world. We can confirm that Global Home Index will be present at the United Nations in May where Professor Patricia Debeljuh will discuss these results. Our preliminary findings are already available on the website. Your views about the work of the home are important to us.Please click here to participate


Launch at the House of Lords
The Lord Richard Best, OBE hosted a breakfast event in the House of Lords, on March 24th on behalf of Home Renaissance Foundation. The event was to launch "Bricks and Mortar Across Generations: A Think Piece on Intergenerational Living in the UK". The report explores the contours of policy and practice surrounding homes where two or more adult generations live under the same roof. It presents the findings of interviews with policymakers, practitioners and thought leaders in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and calls for a Commission on Intergenerational Housing.

Appointment of New Patron and Director

HRF is pleased to announce the appointment of UN Special Representative on International Migration and former World Trade Organisation General Director Peter Sutherland KCMG SC as Patron of the Foundation, and Antonio Argandona  , Emeritus Professor of Economics and of Business Ethics and holder of the "la Caixa" Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance at IESE Business School, as a Director.
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