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Gallery 1: London Experts Meeting 2015View
Gallery 2: (Event) Homemakers London LaunchView
Gallery 3: (Event) Symposium: Professional Work in the HomeView
Gallery 4: (Event) International Conference: Home & Identity: Private-Public NexusView
Gallery 5: (Event) Symposium: Housework and well-beingView
Gallery 6: (Event) 3rd International Conference: Sustainable Living (Day 2)View
Gallery 7: (Event) 3rd International Conference: Sustainable Living (Day 1)View
Gallery 8: New Kamalini Project - India - 2010View
Gallery 9: Dubai - 2010View
Gallery 10: Lagos Business School - Nigeria - 2010View
Gallery 11: (Event) Symposium: Influencing PolicyView
Gallery 12: (Project) SMART Home ManagementView
Gallery 13: International LinksView
Gallery 14: (Event) Symposium: Homemaking and Social SustainabilityView
Gallery 15: Family of the Year AwardView
Gallery 16: Kamalini Vocational Training - India - 2009View
Gallery 17: Foundation Wavecrest - NigeriaView
Gallery 18: (Event) 2nd International Conference: From House to HomeView
Gallery 19: Feria ValenciaView
Gallery 20: (Event) International Conference: Balanced Diet - Balanced LifeView

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