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November 20-21st 2008

International Conference – From House to Home
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

What makes the space we live in a home? This question is worth answering if, as we believe, the wellbeing of each person begins in the home. Study and research shows that a successful home influences the welfare of our society.  


As Winston Churchill once said, ‘We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us’.  Where we live – our house – plays a significant role in the development of our lives.  It is where our future is moulded, where we learn to live with others, where our values are defined, where we seek refuge, protection and security.

But the house, that particular space shaped by architecture, transcends that physical space that it occupies and the material of which it is built.  It is our mission to explore the difference between the house and a home.  By what extraordinary process does a lair become a home?

A home provides security, people who can be trusted and a set of values that remain constant whatever the turbulence and confusion of everyday life.  The breakdown of the family, the effects of immigration, the loneliness of the elderly, the consequences of professional mobility, all threaten the very concept of home, especially for our younger generation.

The focus of architects and interior designers is mainly on the physical aspects of space and design.  But the concept of home is so much wider.  The ideal of Home Renaissance Foundation is to encompass anthropological aspects, the management of space and time, the home as a workplace, the home’s inhabitants and its evolution.

We intend to become the main source of interdisciplinary research on home related issues.  It is our vision to return the home to that place in which each individual is respected and encouraged, thus enabling change in the direction of a more humane society.


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