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"Family" : A Psephological Holy Grail?
Joanna Roughton |  23 April 2014

Politicians love families. Or, at least, they say they do. Listen to a budget speech, or Prime Minister's Questions, and you will hear one phrase repeated ad nauseum; "hard-working families". Three pithy words, with one objective. To reach out to the maximum numbers of voters, whilst inviting the least hostility. Treated forensically, the phrase is troubled. What about families who do not work hard? What constitutes a "family"? A tricky one that. To minimise the alienation of those who feel outside of the family unit, its definition has been diluted such that almost any form of social arrangement can be so described. I once heard a woman describe she and her cat as "a family".

HRF Ahead of the Curve in Tackling Obesity Through Research
BeHome |  24 January 2014

Home Renaissance Foundation strives to be relevant and we believe our research initiatives have been ahead of the curve in key areas of social policy research. One good example dates back to 2006. That was the year we hosted a conference entitled Excellence in the Home: Balanced Diet - Balanced Life. Immodest it may be to say this out loud - but it seems we have been remarkably prescient. Because in recent years there has been a mounting consensus that family meals matter.

Restoring Inter-Generational Bonds
BeHome |  23 May 2012

In an age where retirement homes are common and the economic crisis has hit hard what are the implications of taking in our elderly relatives and providing them with personal care? Could the government provide funding to assist those who do? Jo Roughton discusses returning to a time where care was all in the family.

A Home Fit For A Queen
BeHome |  6 June 2012

Have you ever thought of the Queen's castle as her house? Could she ever truly feel at home when her palaces are so often open to the public? Maybe she's more of a homemaker than we think.

The Home Improvement Guilt Trip
BeHome |  14 June 2012

The popularity of home ware stores and the recent Ideal Home Exhibition keeps home improvement at the forefront of our minds. This does not mean that we need to continually be changing or doing up our homes. We also need time to relax and enjoy them.

Cherie Blair, Yummy Mummies And The Home
BeHome |  25 June

Cherie Blair has recently taken a stand against stay-at-home mothers, commenting that children of working mothers are less dependent. However she has forgotten the importance of homemaking and the impact of the continual presence of a parent in the home.

The Rise of the Stay-At-Home...Student
BeHome |  9 July

With the economy the way it is, most students are electing to stay at home and save their pennies. What will this mean for them financially in the long run? Will they be less able to stand on their own two feet? Perhaps their independence could be enhanced by being given more responsibilities within the household.

Traditions in the Home
BeHome |  16 July

As parents, we often create personal traditions within our families. Traditions that we hope will be treasured by our children for many years. As children grow up the family dynamic changes, often for the better, as they introduce their own traditions.

Invisible Workforce
Joanna Roughton |  Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Not all of us have a choice about who brings up our children. But for those of us fortunate enough to raise our own children, our work can be viewed as a threat to feminism and often ignored. Why shouldn't we ask for more recognition?

A Michelin-starred chef on why families should always eat together
Joanna Roughton |  Thursday, 10 May 2012

The family that eats together stays together. In our fast paced world, where each of us controls our own timetable it can be easy to forget this. Regular family dinners have more of an effect on each of its members than we expect.

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